G P Yeh

Dr. Gong Ping (G P) Yeh worked as a physicist at the US Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory for 30 years. He contributed to the discovery of the top quark, large scale computing using Linux, creating Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, and creating Particle Therapy Centers. Dr. Yeh is serving as Chief Science and Technology Advisor of International Particle Therapy Inc. (IPT) He leads IPT's cross-disciplinary research and medical team and has developed a high precision particle therapy, Accelerator BNCT, targeting cancer cells to treat patients with tumor, using the best particle accelerator and technologies. Dr. Yeh has been an international advisor for particle therapies and sustainable energies in many countries. G P Yeh Foundation collaborates internationally with people, leaders, experts, governments, institutions, organizations, and companies. We welcome and appreciate collaborations to help our world.

Mission of G P Yeh Foundation-4EH

G P Yeh Foundation is dedicated to development of 4EH areas including health, energy, environment, education, and economy to help the world and benefit all people.
World Sustainable Energy. To assist the world on the development and promotion of renewable energy, solar energy, bio-energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy, solar energy, marine energy and other new energy resources.
Health, energy, environment and education are all closely related to economic development. We need to help solve world crisis. Economic development is a key to improving quality of life.
Clean energy is the main way to reduce carbon emissions and enhance the environment. Reduce Nuclear Waste:
Promoting the R&D of nuclear waste disposal, with advanced accelerators to produce fast neutrons to dispose nuclear waste. 
Top Talents Cultivation. As a Special Advisor to Japan's Minister of Science and Technology Policy, Dr. Yeh contributed to the early planning and the establishment of OIST.
Dr. Yeh leads a top-of-the-line research and medical team to develop an extraordinarily accurate, precise, and targeted radiation cancer therapy that utilizes the most advanced technology of the accelerator for BNCT. It offers a complete solution for BNCT medical centers, and provides a promising targeted neutron therapy to patients with malignant tumors.


BNCT medical center is equipped with a leading compact linear accelerator that supplies stable and reliable intense proton beams.

Designed by IPT, the BNCT medical center offers the highest quality of precision radiotherapy for cancer patients.


Precisely kill cancer cells. BNCT can be the treatment of choice for cancer patients.


A breakthrough in the technology of linear accelerator equipment for BNCT will be introduced to Taiwan in the near future. By SETN


The first accelerator BNCT to be launched in Taiwan will benefit cancer patients.


The first linear accelerator based BNCT is expected to apply to clinical application soon. By TVBS


New BNCT device will be launched in Taiwan.


The first accelerator based BNCT will be launched in Taiwan and benefit the cancer patients hopefully. By ETToday