Registered in Illinois, USA, G P Yeh Foundation is dedicated to the development of 4EH areas including health, energy, environment, education, and economy (4EH) to help the world and benefit all people.

Dr. Yeh’s has dedicated much of his life work about developing advanced accelerators and their applications to improve lives. According to the US Department of Energy, a beam of the right particles using the right energy at the right intensity can shrink a tumor, produce cleaner energy and reduce nuclear waste.

Particle accelerators can lower the half-life of uranium waste from hundreds of thousands of years to two hundreds years. This novel technique can even transform radioactive waste into fuels. G P Yeh foundation helps the world tap into the use of thorium as a new source of safe and clean energy generated by particle accelerators, as part of the company’s mission is to promote other types of alternative, sustainable and renewable energy. Dr. Yeh is committed to research and development advanced accelerators aiming for delivering extraordinarily accurate, precise and targeted cancer radiation therapy.