• Discovery of the Top Quark
    Dr. Yeh contributed to the discover of the sixth quark, also known as the top quark in 1994.
  • Large Scale Computing Using Linux
    Dr. Yeh led a team which demonstrated large scale computing using Linux.
  • The establishment of OIST
    As a special advisor to Japan's Minister of Science and Technology Policy, Dr. Yeh contributed the early planning and the establishment of OIST.
  • The creation of proton therapy
    Dr. Yeh contributed the creation of proton therapy for targeted cancer treatment.

Particles for a Better World 
Dr. Gong Ping (G.P.) Yeh is the President and Chairman of G P Yeh Foundation. Born in Taiwan, he received education from 北一女新聯初中 in Taiwan, CKS international high school in Okinawa, MIT BS, Caltech MS and MIT PhD. He worked at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory as a high energy physicist for 30 years. He is an American Physical Society Fellow, and Okinawa Goodwill Ambassador. He served as a member of the Republic of China Taiwan's Presidential Science. Dr. Yeh's work and contributions include the discovery of the Top Quark, pioneering large scale supercomputing using Linux, and initiating new Particle Therapy centers for treating tumor patients in Illinois, Taiwan, and other countries. As a Special Advisor to Japan's Minister of Science and Technology Policy, Dr. Yeh worked to help establish OIST and now serves as a member of the OIST Foundation Advisory Board. He is invited to gatherings worldwide for solving the world's biggest challenges including energy, economy, environment, education, science and technology. His research and interests in sustainable energies include wind, solar, biofuels, electric vehicles, hydrogen, and improving energy efficiencies. In recent years, he has focused on Accelerator Driven System as new approach of energy and medical and he is serving as an international advisor for particle therapies and sustainable energies in many countries. Dr. Yeh leads IPT's cross-disciplinary research and medical team which has developed a high precision particle therapy. Accelerator BNCT, that adopts the best particle accelerator and technologies can target cancer cells to treat patients with tumor.