BNCT Medical Center designed by IPT

Dr. Yeh led IPT's top-of-the-line research and medical team to develop an extraordinarily accurate, precise, and targeted radiation cancer therapy that utilizes the cutting edge technology of the accelerator for BNCT. Dedicated to R&D and clinical applications, IPT offers a complete solution for BNCT medical centers, and provides a promising targeted neutron therapy to patients with malignant tumors.

Four uniqueness
  • IPT's ultra-small linear accelerator and compact neutron beam shaping assemble (BSA) are breakthroughs in size, significantly reducing the required space. Our in-house neutron source provides much easier access for physicians and patients instead of traveling to research institutes or universities for a research reactor-based neutron source, which was not only costly but harmful for the environment. This practice is expected to become mainstream for cancer treatment in the future.
  • IPT's world-class linear accelerator generates 2-10 times as many neutron sources as a conventional reactor, providing stable and safe energy. Meanwhile, the high stability of the neutron source can target cancer cells with minimal damage to healthy tissue.
  • AI assisted treatment planning system (AI-TPS) provides IPT's global partners with the most accurate and efficient treatment plan with an integrated cloud center containing global BNCT database and clinical case studies. It can assist physicians quickly diagnose the tumor type, size, and location to determine the most effective treatment plan.
  • IPT supplies a complete solution of BNCT treatment including BNCT system (equipment and software), BNCT drugs, space design with radiation protection, and assistance for clinical implement. IPT provides a one-stop service and a total solution for BNCT treatment, enabling our clients to build up a BNCT treatment center to provide precision radiotherapy for worldwide cancer patients.