Breakthroughs in size

IPT's ultra-small linear accelerator and compact neutron beam shaping assemble (BSA) are breakthroughs in size, significantly reducing the required space. It has very low harmful radiation dose, therefore thin radiation shieling walls are required. Highly flexible treatment room configurations benefited from the ultra-compact size can either combine both vertical and horizontal therapeutic neutron beams at one treatment room or install different direction of neutron beam individually at separated rooms.

With the outstanding technology breakthroughs, IPT BNCT center could be installed in most pre-existing building of medical centers, without building a new facility to accommodate this equipment. Our in-house neutron source provides much easier access for physicians and patients instead of traveling to research institutes or universities for a research reactor-based neutron source, which was not only costly but harmful for the environment. This practice is expected to become mainstream for cancer treatment in the future.

Highest therapeutic neutron beam

The linear accelerator uses electricity to accelerate protons that are directed at a fixed target, creating neutrons in the process. IPT's accelerator generates ideal neutron energy which meets the recommendation by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) ranging from 0.5 eV to 10 keV. If the energy is too low, the therapy fails to achieve its effect. If it is too high, normal cells are damaged. IPT's Neutron flux is several times higher than the IAEA requirements standard, not only the shortest radiation treatment time is needed, the number of patients can be treated also increased significantly. IPT accelerators have the highest safety standards, produce the lowest dose of harmful radiation, meet the requirements of the IAEA, only the need for thin cement radiation wall. The IPT accelerator generates a highly collimated neutron beam with a small diffusion angle and high accuracy in treating cancer.

IPT's world-class linear accelerator generates 2-10 times as many neutron sources as a conventional reactor, providing stable and safe energy. Meanwhile, the high stability of the neutron source can target cancer cells with minimal damage to healthy tissue.

AI-TPS cloud

AI assisted treatment planning system (AI-TPS) provides IPT's global partners with the most accurate and efficient treatment plan with an integrated cloud center containing global BNCT database and clinical case studies.

The AI treatment planning system dramatically reduces the time and associated costs required to generate radiation treatments: it can create a high-quality treatment plans in just minutes. It can assist physicians quickly diagnose the tumor type, size, and location to determine the most effective treatment plan.

With the BNCT cloud system, dosimetrists, physicists and oncologists have immediate access to data and images, resulting in optimized clinical performance and better patient care. Oncologists can seamlessly move between image and case review, using both portal images and 3D datasets. BNCT cloud center provides not only the latest BNCT treatment case studies, technologies, or information but also immersive physician training programs, online workshop and forums.

Total Solution Provider

IPT supplies a complete solution of BNCT treatment including BNCT system (equipment and software), BNCT drugs, space design with radiation protection, and assistance for clinical implement.

We can tailored made BNCT center space planning with radiation safety shieling deigns, and provide integrated system design including interface with client medical imaging systems and repositories . IPT provides physician training programs and local system maintenance training. We have a total solution for patient treatment drug needs. Besides, we could assist our client to implement high-efficiency marketing plan and to set up profound business model for their BNCT treatment center.

IPT provides a one-stop service and a total solution for BNCT treatment, enabling our clients to build up a BNCT treatment center to provide precision radiotherapy for worldwide cancer patients.